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    Kadika Girls Secondary School::Home


               Kadika Girls’ Secondary School is a Provincial Girls’ Boarding Secondary School  in Migori District,   Nyanza Province, Kenya It was started in 1976 as a community School admitting her first form I class February the same year.

    Now boasting of a Robust student population of over 500 students, 25 graduate teachers and 17 member support staff, Kadika Girls Secondary School has grown over time to be a world class academic centre offering the girl child a chance to encounter real learning environment and opportunities.


    Situated-2kms from Migori Town. One can reach the school on a taxi - popular motorbike taxis christened ‘boda-boda” via Ombo Mission Hospital road.


    Established in the serene outskirts of the flourishing municipality, Kadika Girls’ Secondary School is the quiet, undisturbed, free-from-noise location suitable for learning.


    Standing on five hectares the school has a fully equipped learning resource centre, modern computer and science laboratories with even more space for structural development.


    With a strong Christian foundation, the school enhances moral value acquisition along side cultural heritage as entrenched in the school mission and vision.




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